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Go Green Dentistry

Light Street Dental staff do their part to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some of the ways we reduce, re-use and recycle:

  • Digital X-rays: Digital x-rays significantly reduce a patient's exposure to radiation while eliminating waste from the traditional x-ray films. Also, there is no chemical processing of the x-rays with digital films. 
  • Ordering in Bullk and Combining Orders: We order often-used items in bulk and combine orders to cut down on shipping products needed to fulfil our orders.
  • Weekly Recycling: Light Street Dental recycles virtually all of its paper and plastic products as a part of the weekly Baltimore City recycling pick-up.
  • Re-Use Lab and Shipping Boxes: Saving boxes and re-using them is cost-effective and reduces the need for additional paper products.
  • Re-Usable vs. Disposable Kitchen Supplies: Using washable dishes and utensils in the staff break room.