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About Us

The dental practice at 600 Light Street was started in 1979 by Dr. George Williams as a satellite faculty medical practice of the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus—Harbor Healthcare. The practice was created to service the low-income elderly population residing in the Christ Church Harbor Apartments on Light Street (the building our office shares).

Dr. Williams, a faculty member of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, managed the faculty practice where general physicians, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists and podiatrists all shared space to service the people in the building.

With Dr. Williams at the helm, the practice has grown and changed over the last 32 years. The University of Maryland decided to move its medical clinics to other locations, and Dr. Williams began adding additional general dentists to the practice, including wife Dr. Lisa Williams, and Dr. Nicole Forel in 2006.

Over the years, Drs. George and Lisa Williams have built a tremendous reputation in Baltimore city because of their high standards of care and quality of service for patients. Patients today include people living or working in the city, families that have been with the practice for decades and new people moving into the Federal Hill area. The practice also continues to serve the elderly people in the Christ Church Harbor Apartments.

In 2011, Dr. Nicole Forel assumed responsibilities of practice owner and renamed the office to Light Street Dental.